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Meet The Secret Skincare Superstar From The Most Remote Region Of Australia

Meet The Secret Skincare Superstar From The Most Remote Region Of Australia

Beyond our famous Bondi Beach, our flora in Australia is one of our most prized assets. If you’ve ever headed south, you’ll know how harsh the Aussie sun is. Our plants often need to survive extreme conditions, making them uber powerful. Their extraordinary potency and system to protect themselves from oxidative stress gives us no other reason than to look right here on our doorstep for effective, pure botanicals for the health of our skin. 

Growing along the top end of North Australia, is the richest plant based form of Vitamin C in the world coming from a little mighty plum, called the Kakadu Plum. For thousands of years the Indigenous people of Australia have used this wonderful superfood for everything from food to healing remedies. The Kakadu plum was traditionally used as medicine in Australian Aboriginal culture to treat a variety of skin disorders and infections.

A powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger, you’ll find Kakadu Plum in all our products except the oil, to brighten up your glow. Vitamin C is the most essential antioxidant for slowing down the aging process by promoting healthy collagen growth that is crucial for smooth, wrinkle-free skin. The plum has also been shown to help reverse skin damage caused by UV-exposure as well as skin-inflammation and irregular pigmentation. 

When combined with clay, the fruit can wash away bacteria and impurities to reduce pimple growth. Our Earth Tones Mask does exactly that with its mixture of Kakadu plum, Australian Red Clay, and Wild Rainforest Lime. This 100% natural mask soothes, purifies, and brightens skin for a beautiful, healthy glow free of clogged pores.

Not only do we source ingredients that look after your skin, but we also source sustainable ones that help others. Our Kakadu plum flushes out nasty toxins while at the same time maintaining jobs and horticulture of the indigenous communities who cultivate and harvest the fruit in North Australia. 

Move over blueberries, the plum is here.

Check out our full line of Kakadu plum-infused skincare products!

Or check out this Refinery 29 write up for even more info - https://www.refinery29.com/plum-skin-products


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